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About Us


How it All Began

We are a husband & wife photography team based in Michigan City, IN. We capture many weddings, engagements, & lifestyle (family) sessions all over the Midwest, U.S., and beyond. Both passionate about photography, we first met at a photography meet up in the trees of Oak Openings in Toledo, OH. About a year later we went on our first date. With a six-and-a-half hour drive in between us, we soaked up every moment together doing what we love and discovering how our passions intertwine. Eight months later we were engaged. In another six months we were married, and Rainstorm Photo was launched. Since then, we’ve been using photography as our creative release and a great way to serve others. We’ve recently expanded and have partnered with associate photographers who share our same vision and passion for servitude. We’ve had the pleasure of working with the most laid back, kind, creative, and beautiful couples and families ever!


We knew that the name of our husband & wife photography team would need to be timeless as well as carry a deep meaning. Before we ever went on our first date, Rainbows quickly became special to Kaity as every time she witnessed one, she was filled with awe & wonder. During this time, Stephen was living close to Lake Michigan and witnessed many lightning storms over the lake, causing the same awe to come over him. Both of us began to identify with these wonders of nature as if they were a part of us. We decided to combine the two words, giving "Rain·storm" a whole new compound meaning. 

Since the beginning, our outspoken goal is to combine our creativity as artists with our love for capturing human emotion, bringing you photographs that are as unique as they are raw and original. We've never seen photography as simply an art form or a service. Photography holds an extraordinary capability to bond individuals through the power of nostalgia allowing the viewer to relive their most cherished moments while experiencing the warm and starry-eyed emotions that accompanied them. As newlyweds, we understand very well the value and importance of preserving the moments of your life that are fleeting. We promise to put our heart & soul into every photo we take while keeping your story and individuality intact. Please feel free to connect with us on Facebook or Instagram. If you’d like to inquire about a photo session or wedding please head to our Contact forms, and we’ll be glad to get in touch with you!

-Stephen & Kaity Lehman