Alexis & Isaac | Shawnee National Forest Engagements, Southern Illinois


The day started with a rainbow in sight just as the sun was making its appearance in the early morning. Alexis & Isaac started their day slowly in a cozy, renovated bus in the heart of the wild Shawnee Forest in Southern Illinois. There was no reason to rush as they made coffee, held each closely, and played board games. Their day was full of a childlikeness that comes from the days you are free of responsibility and time crunches AND you are wildly in love. Alexis & Isaac wrapped up their morning setting out on a canoe in the nearby lake only to take a plunge into the refreshing water and into each other’s arms, experiencing the freedom love can bring.

Throughout the rest of the day with Isaac & Alexis, a hopeful gray seemed to permeate the air. Our journey led us to the Garden of the gods in Southern Illinois where things began to shift. The gray air began to show signs of a miracle. As we documented this moment, a miraculous burst of light was moments away. We can feel the excitement every time we recount this memory. Witnessing fog rolling in the hills, the sun peaking through heavy clouds, and the wind dancing through the trees was something that won’t be forgotten quickly. This special day was JAM PACKED with wonder & adventure. We believe Alexis and Isaac’s life together is designed to carry wonder & adventure through every phase of life.

music provided by creekmore music