Jaye & Brandon | Sapphire Point Overlook, Colorado Wedding


Exuberant joy surrounded every single moment of Jaye & Brandon’s breathtaking Colorado wedding. You could feel the excitement building in everyone from the very first moment of the day. Not a cloud in the sky, the day was perfect for the most radiant couple we know. Their ceremony was full of emotion and mutual joy. Jaye & Brandon’s love and commitment painted a beautiful picture of redemption and victory for all to witness. When Jaye walked down the aisle, Brandon nearly lost it... ok, so he totally did lose it! Brandon began sobbing so loudly that he couldn’t help but laugh at himself. This man’s emotions are backed up with selfless, tender-hearted love for his bride. As a part of the ceremony, every family member and dear friend present surrounded Brandon & Jaye and agreed in prayer over them and their new life together. It was such an intimate moment full of unity.

Everyone gathered together and ate Chipotle, including their beloved pup, Jinger, as a platform was opened for all to share countless hilarious and sob-worthy stories. Jaye & Brandon proceeded to dance the night away with their closest family and friends. We are positive their future is filled with wonder, adventure, and radiant love.


music provided by creekmore music