Allison & Brendan | Pennsylvania Rustic Farm Cabin Wedding


On a chilly day in late October, Brendan & Allison joined their lives together in a small 1800s-era cabin in Pennsylavania’s farm country. The fog hid the surrounding hills in a shroud that seemed to resonate with expectancy. The highlander cows made all of us wonder if we were really in Scotland or Ireland rather than Pennsylvania. Despite the overcast skies and chill in the breeze, emotions were light and cheery. The air still held a heavy feeling of awe. We knew that whatever the day held, we were in for an absolute treat. Surrounded only by their closest friends and family, the intimate ceremony allowed Brendan & Allison to focus on the magnitude of their vows. Tears flowed freely. Laughs were shared in one accord. The love & seriousness of the moment was felt deeply by all present. Following the ceremony, the sun peaked out just long enough for Brendan & Allison to watch the golden light set into the hills. The little bit of warmth the last of the sun provided was soaked in together as they got a moment away from everyone else. They danced, kissed, and shared the unfading feeling of bliss before returning back to their reception and enjoying a family style dinner under string lights. The night ended with a grand sparkler exit and lively line dancing enjoyed by all. The day was burned into everyone’s hearts and minds, the specialness of the entire day never to be forgotten.


Music provided by keith burke