Our Creative Process

From beginning to end our goal is to serve. Serving you will always be our highest priority.  Before we take a photo, we want to get to know you and search for the details that make you who you are. We take time to pray and ask God for creative insight and a different perspective of you. We hope our photography reminds you of the formative moments of your past while lighting a spark to propel you into your future filled with hope and passion.


She keeps him grounded...

Cory & Olivia's wedding was our first we photographed together. If anyone knows Cory, they know this photo sums up his energy accurately. Olivia, full of wisdom & grace, compliments his high-energy spunk perfectly. Their love spurs each other on to love others selflessly. 


Into the wild

There was something special about Carson. He seemed to be a man with a mysterious sort of experience in life's wilderness. His eyes bear witness to his time spent there. It's almost as if he encountered God himself in his time alone.


Wrapped In The Wind

The Hebrew word for "spirit" is transliterated "ruach". What makes it interesting is that it can be translated as "spirit", "wind", or "breath". With this photo, we see being "wrapped in the wind" as far more than being surrounded by wind. Wind is a force that is only visible by observing that which it affects. So it is with the Spirit of God.


The Father's Gentleness

Mic & Lindsay have a beautiful family. Mic embodies the manliest kind of man with his bearded and tough exterior, but when it comes to his children his tough exterior melts. His gentle heart is revealed the second his kids show up. This photo showcases his gentleness. But the real purpose behind this photo is to clear up a serious misconception: God is a GOOD Father.



As we spent time praying for Joel & Leah prior to their wedding, the word "grow" seemed to jump out at us. Shortly after the ceremony, we stole the newlyweds away for a few minutes of solitude in a nearby prairie. It was here that we used the harsh light and natural scenery to enliven the word that came to us in prayer. 


Enter The Echo

As we prayed before meeting up with Gentry & Sierra, we got the idea of the echo. The echo symbolizes the voice of God as it is resounds throughout the earth. We drew a representation of God's voice on Sierra's hand and then the representation of the response on Gentry's. We must listen when He calls.